Sunday, April 19, 2009

Malleus Maleficarum - Hexenhammer

Currently there is the easter holidays in Hellas. Those who are familiar with the things here will understand how boring and annoying those days are. Anytime that you`ll dare to open the TV you`ll come across and from early morning up to late at night with this american christian-zionist films or stupid direct links from churches and similar shit. Too many someone can say on this really. I was thinking for a couple of days now what post i can make related to this matter.

Today my eyes fell on a very intresting website and about a matter we all heard many times. Especially people listening to Metal have saw or read about this several times. The famous Malleus Maleficarum! I`m sure everyone who reading now this post know about this book. Writen by Jacob Sprenger & Heinrich Kramer during 1400`s. I think its no really needed to continue further on this , below you`ll find a link which is the online edition of this book plus informations about its writters and the reasons of why this book is written. Some might agree , some others not. One thing is sure, the "Witches Hammer" belongs to a page in the book of European History and Heritage. Who said that European History has not its dark parts? Something which to me have always a certain charm...

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