Thursday, February 5, 2009

Imia Memorial Gatherings 2009

The annual Imia memorial gatherings, in memory of the three officers of the Hellenic Navy that were killed by Turkish fire in the rocky island of Imia, in January 1996, constitute one of the biggest nationalist demonstrations in Europe. The significance of the event is not only to honor these Heroes who sacrificed their lives for their country, but it is also a clear statement that the people of Hellas don’t want Turkey as a member of the European Union, against the traitorous government’s foreign policies.

Thirteen years after the tragic incident in Imia that proved the Turkish aggression over the Aegean Sea and during numerous military violations in the area by Turkey, this year’s events proved to be massive and dynamic.

On Friday 30th of January 2009, 400 members of the Golden Dawn Movement gathered in the centre of Piraeus, were stands the statue of officer Vlachakos, one of the fallen Heroes, in order to show their respect. After the ceremony, there was a rally in the streets of Piraeus and many people joined the nationalists, expressing their anger against Turkish aggression.

The main gathering took place in central Athens, in the Imia Memorial, near the parliament, on Saturday 31st of January 2009. Thousands of Golden Dawn members and nationalists paid their duty in memory of the fallen Heroes. A well disciplined mass of nationalists rallied through the streets of Athens to the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, just outside the Hellenic parliament, where a big number of police forces prohibited the rally to move further.

This year’s events were very well organized and well attended. Hellas nationalists showed that they don’t forget our country’s Heroes and are not going to let happen the Zionist plans of Turkish entrance in the E.U.

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