Sunday, February 22, 2009

A deeper view to the history of BATHORY

It happened to me several times and with many bands. Usually with the ones i`m hearing and following since a very young age. I catch myself to very very rarely visiting their websites. Take f.ex. bands like VENOM, SLAYER, MORBID ANGEL or SARCOFAGO. I have listened so far their album hundreds of times, read plenty of interviews and articles around about them. What more a site can offer than the usual stuff? (Discography, pictures or some latest news). I`m from a kind of listeners which when i`m hearing an album, especially one with a certain significance to know the full story behind, to scratch the surface and look deeper into its concept. Such hunger i have always with BATHORY. Years ago i mentioned the one and only official website. Never gave the proper attention for the reasons mentioned above. I was really suprized to see really tons of details and informations and background of Bathory written by Quorthon himself. Just check out my fave part of this site which is "The History Archive" section. There you`ll find the most detailed history accompanied with several rare photos e.t.c. Too bad that the sudden death of Quorthon did not allowed him to write the history from "Blood Fire Death" and after. Lets hope that he wrote them somewhere and one day all those info will published in his site. Though , i seriously doubt this as if he had already wrriten that the info will be already posted on the site all this years after his death. But you never know...

We all know that Quorthon was a very controversial artist and musician. He had several demons to fight inside him. He was able to create albums-MONUMENTS and the same time releasing unbelievable crap (See Octagon). No matter all these , none will dissagree with me that he was without a doubt a genious, always creating a mysterious aura around him even in his most terrible musical moments. This is a site with stuff written by him and in-between the lines we can see a reflection of his personallity as well a different view and unknown stories about the makings of the most influential albums in Metal history.
Finishing this article while listening to Hammerheart, for one more time i`m wondering how and after 2 decades of listening the albums of Bathory, this music always manage to give me several shivers through my spine...

The official website :

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