Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Sonnenritter - Ufhendir as Enemies of This World

"Something that has most certainly eluded the attention of even the most ardent fan of Absurd, but “Ulfhednir Todesschwadron” and my much older lyric “Sonnenritter” are but two sides of the same coin. Whereas in “Sonnenritter” I was talking about a chivalric Knight’s Order that will manifest in times of dire need, guided by stern Solar / Apollonian principles and defending “home, soil and tradition”, as you put it, in “Ulfhednir Todesschwadron” we have this clandestine death squad, guided by nothing but blood frenzy and waging a terror campaign with impunity. 
So, yes of course, the Sonnenritter and the Ulfhednir appear to be representatives of one dichotomy, but only on the surface. When a regular army was defeated and gave up their arms, you’ll always have a few soldiers who, for whatever reason, wish to fight on. They become irregulars, guerilla, and terrorists. They forsake all chivalry for the sake of spreading utmost fear among the enemy. They are the enemies to the world, hated by man and dreaded by God."

 Jarl Flagg Nidhögg - URKULT MAGAZINE (2019)


  1. Hi, any link for the magazine ?

    Great blog by the way !

  2. Ave, according to the official Absurd website, the mag is not out yet.

    1. Thanks for the information !