Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Hail The New Dawn!

--- A farewell to 2019.
I wish to all comrades, brothers and sisters of the cause a prosperous 2020, may the new year will bring us one step closer to victory!
Hail The New Dawn! ---
Thomas / Omaimon Paradosis Blog
"Wars are won by those who have managed to attract from elsewhere, from the skies, the mysterious forces of the invisible world and to secure their support. These mysterious forces are the souls of the dead, the souls of our ancestors, who once were, like us, linked to our clods, to our furrows, who died for the defense of this land and are still linked today to it by the memory of their lives and by us, their sons, their grandsons, their great grandsons."
C. Z. Codreanu


  1. Wir werden weiter marschieren wenn alles in Scherben fällt

    True in 1932, true today !

  2. I wish 2020 will be great for you too. And for Dreadful Relic as well. Yes, let it be a closer step to victory!

    1. Thanks comrades! All the best for you too. Strength & Honour!