Sunday, July 29, 2018

Et in Arcadia Ego part IV - Arcadia in Poetry

Continuing on Arcadia and its influence on arts and culture, in this post I put parts from classic poets and writters that their work centered around this Hellenic region. Despite the fact that where born in different times, the Roman poet VIRGIL ( 70-19 bc) and the German poet FRIEDRICH  SCHILLER belong to the most bright minds and among the pantheon of European arts. As natural it was, the art of both was bewitched by Arcadian landscapes.

 "A lasting monument to Daphnis raise
With this inscription to record his praise;
'Daphnis, the fields' delight, the shepherds' love,
Renown'd on earth and deifi'd above;
Whose flocks excelled the fairest on the plains,
But less than he himself surpassed the swains."

VIRGIL -  Ecloques/Bucolics


"Yes! even I was in Arcadia born,
And, in mine infant ears,
A vow of rapture was by Nature sworn;--
Yes! even I was in Arcadia born,
And yet my short spring gave me only--tears!

Once blooms, and only once, life's youthful May;
For me its bloom hath gone.
The silent God--O brethren, weep to-day--
The silent God hath quenched my torch's ray,
And the vain dream hath flown.

Upon thy darksome bridge, Eternity,
I stand e'en now, dread thought!
Take, then, these joy-credentials back from me!
Unopened I return them now to thee,
Of happiness, alas, know naught!"



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