Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Echoes from The Tower of Set

"For all my fellow Conan The Barbarian fans, I have improved the quality of the existing Tower Of Set music. The original version, Las Cantigas De Santa Maria (The Snake) - Conan The Barbarian Complete (found here on youtube), sounds flat and muted, with static noise making it worse, so I mixed it with Clemencic Consort - Cantiga 166 (Como Poden) which is the recording Poledouris used.

Clemencic Consort sounds far superior to Las Cantigas De Santa Maria but lacks the female chorus Poledouris added for the movie, and since Poledouris edited it, cutting and repeating certain sections, the recordings do not sync up. It took some time to edit both pieces to sync properly.

I also reduced the noise in the Las Cantigas version so that the resultant mix is almost noise free (but not completely noise free, as removing too much distorts the music).

This was a small labor of love. I hope you enjoy!"

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