Monday, September 23, 2013

Anti-Nationalist Hysteria in Hellas

As i`m writing these lines there is an anti-Golden Dawn , Anti-nationalist frenzy taking place in Hellas. Two sides are taking part on this. One side:  Golden Dawn and its members, supporters and friends. From the others side : Journalists , media, antifa , police , liberals, communists of every kind (From trotskyists to stalinists) and all the political parties
of the parliament, united all together with one voice, demand the "finish" (As they say) of Golden Dawn. THEY WILL FAIL! Golden Dawn have faced similar situations in the past when things were harder (No internet , and a voice heard almost nowhere in Hellas , except the big cities and in certain circles). In each of these times the enemy thought that "its the end", but every time G.D. returned , hard as steel. 

Since 5 days now, almost every day police invade in GD offices around Hellas and arrest the members that are present there guarding the buldings from the attacks of goverment`s long hand ( antifa/leftists).
Reasons for the Anti-Golden Dawn pogroms are HERE and HERE

At the moment there is many scenarios around the internet. They will try to ban the party or probably they will stop giving money that the party take since its enter in the parliament. This shows the PANIC of the system.

Is this enough to stop the Nationalist activity in Hellas?

OFCOURSE NOT! For two simple reasons : 1st) Golden Dawn never based its existance on the money that took after its enter in the parliament. Its financial support comes ONLY from donations by members and supporters 2nd) Who said that since years now there is not a "plan B" or  other alternatives plans for an appearance with another name(s)? The fools think that in this way, somehow, the GD and the thousand people in its ranks will dissapear within a day. Ha!

"Thou Shalt See me At Philippi"

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