Monday, July 15, 2013

At War Against The Logic of The Herd

For years i oftenly keep hearing people within the Nationalist movement (Or people who doesn`t get involved for the same reason) to complain about how the masses doesn`t revolt (Or follow by thousands those who are willing to do so) against the zionist tyranny that put our Europe more and more under its claws. To be honest,  in the past oftenly i used to whine too for the same reasons. Thanks that by reading the basics of European history , i quickly realized that that in times of danger and turmoil, duty is an unknown word to most, except to a determined minority who defy and endanger everything in service of a greater cause. These people are our examples and in their footsteps we want to walk, and not the modern, bourgeois herd-man. I hope more and more of our fellow kinsmen will realize that before its too late and our Europe will be nothing but a distant memory.

Few weeks ago i watched the 3rd season of Game of Thrones. Except few things here and there (nice soundtrack, intresting landscapes and a couple of intresting characters) those series is a truly overated crap. Getting more boring in every season. But truth to be said, in one of the episodes i came across of one of the best phrases i heard in a long time. What i described above is perfectly captured in just five words that "Tywin Lannister" said. Forget the sureal scene of how a man can have a serious talk with a dwarf. The words did the impression not whom said to whom.

"Jugglers and singers require applause"

"Nowhere else is his pride more obvious than in the way he curries out the so called ideological fights. He never aims to win. What does it mean to win? His believes to be accepted? A tragedy! He knows very well what it cost him to acquire them, what boldness it requires -"sapere aude", says the ancient poet -, and what kind of inner maturity it requires. Thus he is more worried rather than glad for him who embraces his ideas by force or as a result of a short conversation. Maybe in order to find himself supporters? It is true that many feel the need to propagandize their ideas as if fearing that they are not correct without the affirmation of the others, the more the better. The Heroic man knows very well it is not the content of the ideas that really matter, but the spiritual might through which he conquered and holds them, not what you believe but how do you believe in it. He knows that your fundamental, vital convictions (believes) are controlled by your Destiny, and not the other way around and your Destiny is something profoundly personal, you cannot borrow it nor lend it. Thus when he defends his ideas he doesn't do it in order to impose them but in order for himself to remain who he is. And remaining who he is exactly what the others see as an act of war. His existence and only arouses hatred, he needs only to describe himself to evoke antipathy (dislike) -this is how great a part of the future he represents! Because the future is dark and most people are afraid of the dark, and fear turns into dislike…"

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