Wednesday, November 21, 2012

VEMOD`s Dark Ethereal Metal

VEMOD is band based in Northern Norway. They call their music Dark Ethereal Metal. Listening their music, it brings to my mind : Aurora Borealis on the horizon, long blue nights , high mountain peaks and endless snowfall. In few words, a perfect soundtrack for the winternights!

VEMOD`s debut full-length "Venter på stormene" (Cover above) is ready, and it will be released soon. Also, recently they recorded the exclusive track  "Vi er natten" for a compilation titled "Samhainwork I"

You can hear this Brilliant piece of music here:

 For more info, contact e.t.c. check the band`s official Facebook and Bandcamp pages:

"The winds within unchained, the wild waters unleashed, the fiery innermost set alight, to work the fertile soil of the primeval soul once more. Thunderous hearts giving birth to new suns, ablaze in the whirling heavens. Behold - their silence shall sing! The keys in our hands, the path before us, the portals within wide open. This is where gods die and we rise anew, again, and again, and again..."

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