Monday, November 5, 2012

Deutschland im Herbst

I think its already known to the regural visitors of this blog, how much i like visiting during Autumn places of Historical/Cultural importance.The weather this season creates a very special atmosphere, and for a few moments we can escape from the claws of this modern , materialist, atheist chaos we are trapped in.

This autumn it was the turn of Germany. More lucky than ever, we had with us a special guest (His name will be revelead below), describing, explaining , and discussing for several hours, in every place and everything we were visiting and with in-depth details. One more great experience to be remembered for a lifetime!

Few photos of this trip follows below.


(With Ernst Zündel in front of Richard Wagner`s bust)


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  1. That is quite special that you had the chance to meet Ernst. I havent heard any news on him in a long time. Do you have any news on how is doing? Or what he has been doing since his release?