Saturday, December 24, 2011

Anti-IMF Demonstration of Golden Dawn Attacked By The Police

On Friday afternoon (23/12) Golden Dawn organized a demonstration against International Monetary Fund and the sell-out of our fatherland to the banks and international jewry. Few minutes before the start of this event police attacked without reason (Actually we all know the reason. I mean an official one) with tear gas. The comrades who were siting in the firt line, without hesitation answered back with some flags landed directly in the faces of the green-dressed pigs. Few minutes after, the fully armed police managed to break the demo. Later another police special force unit headed directly at the GD`s headquarters with the order to arrest everyone there. Fortunately, we were already informed about it and left the place just before the unit arrives there.

Golden Dawn is a growing force and none can stop it. Golden Dawn will continue its struggle for A GREATER HELLAS IN A FREE EUROPE!

PS. Video and few pic from the demonstration below.

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