Sunday, May 15, 2011

Racism in 21st Century???

For thousands of years, jews had no country to live in (Even now they dont have, the place called Israel is stolen by Palestianians) so they had (And still have) a huge diaspora around the world. While living peacefully amonst the nations (Except in some rare cases which some bad racists decide to kick them out of their countries. See : Babylon, Egypt, England, Spain, Eastern Europe, Byzantine empire, Germany e.t.c.) they had ofcourse not to forget their traditions (Stealing , conspiracy, usury e.t.c.) and practising them in a daily basis.

Yesterday in New York, we had another racist motivated crime. The head of the International Monetery Fund (Close friend and comrade of the two lovely lads in the previous post of this blog), Socialist and Jewish (This two usually go together) Dominik Stross Kahn (Real name Strauss Kohen) arrested for an attempt of sodomy.Personally i`m confident that the maid was racist as well. If she was a true open minded, and tolerant human then she had to satisfy the needs of a fellow man, whom far away from home feeling nostalgia for his religious beliefs. Where this world go? Why are living in 21st century and every one have the right practise his own religion and traditions of his ancestors.

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  1. Unless of course, you speak sarcastically, I'm curious as to how socialism and "jewery" are in correlation. If one were to accept the jewish conspiracy, isn't it the dominant capitalist system of the west, upon which jews benefit? Or are they instead profiting from socialist Bolivia and once profited from pre-90's Eastern Europe?