Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Ethno-Cultural journal of MAGNA GRECE

Recently i came across the Blog of MAGNA GRECE. Rarely you meet sites of such nature, and if you do so its on their local language. From the first view i saw many intresting things concerning the South European Culture and Traditions. MAGNA GRECE is doing a good job promoting and enlight people who intrested on this matter. Its not only about people of Southern-Italian ancestry but for every European who want to have a deep insight to a very important part of our History, Myths & Tradition.
Below follows the introduction of "Magna Grece" and after it the link of their site.


Magna GRECE is the online voice of Nuova Patria Meridionale (New Southern Homeland), a metapolitical think-tank dedicated to the traditional folkways of Europa with an explicit focus on Southern-Italians and Sicilians. Our objective is to provide an English language forum on important issues concerning our historic communities, the most imperative of which is the realization of self-determination, the cornerstone of any group's ability to survive.

We are pan-European, however, this unity is not based on superficial economic grounds like the current European Union. Our idea is rooted in higher principles of an organic, hierarchical nature. We uphold the importance of maintaining and protecting our regional differences. The rejection of the ethnostate is an affirmation of slavery.

We by no means wish to disparage Padanians (Northern Italians) or Sardinians in anyway. We respect them as our neighbors but also recognize the fact that unity with them under the centralist state threatens our beloved cultural and linguistic identities. Only through the formation of Traditional societies can we save our respective tribal communities which are threatened by the leveling forces of commercial globalism, materialism, incessant immigration, multiculturalism and egalitarianism.

This journal is for those of us who still feel the rhythms of our ancestral homeland racing through our veins. We envision a free Europe of the peoples and of the regions, where Southern Italy and Sicily can play an important role in the continent's future Imperium.

Magna GRECE is an allusion to Magna Graecia, or greater Greece, the name for the Greek settlements in Southern Italy and Sicily, and GRECE, the acronym for the Groupement de Recherche et d'Études sur la Civilization Européene (Center for Research and Study on European Civilization), the foremost representative of the Nouvelle Droite, or European New Right. GRECE is a source of inspiration for our group and, as the title of our journal implies, we consider ourselves an extension of their ideas.

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