Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Race Riots in Athens


Around 6:00 in the morning, a Greek guy was waiting in front of his home in the centre of Athens with a camera in his hands, to pick up his wife and take her to the hospital as she was ready for the birth of her 2nd child. He stabbed 3 times by immigrants (from Algeria or Morroco as eye-witness said) in the chest and neck. He died few min. after. Early afternoon the last remaining Greeks of this area closed the street. Several Nationalists run for help. As you might understand, leftists/anarchists appeared and tried to intimidate people for protesting against immigrants and with the media speaking about "new crystal nights" "pogroms" e.t.c. Its true, all immigrants (As well as leftists/anarchists and journalists also) around the area hunted down by Greeks who got tired to be murdered, raped and robed daily by every scum from asia or africa. Also two anarchist squats near this area received an attack.

As i right those lines now, the street that murder happened in still closed, the Greek refuse to leave and also they announced a gathering for Thursday afternoon and called all Greeks of Athens in order in "clean their streets from immigrants".
Multi-Kulti bliss in Hellas is almost over! People are waking up and the lets see who gonna taste the rage...

Below are exclusive photos from the riots and Nationalists in action. Taken from the official Golden Dawn website.

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