Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ancient Corinth - Mycenae - Nafplion - Argos

28th of January , Friday

In the midst of the massive rainfall, very early in the morning a group of German/English/Irish and ofcourse Greek comrades started a trip to the south part of Hellas. The plan was to visit places and monuments that covering a big part of the Hellenic History & Culture through the centuries. From Ancient and Medieval times up to the 1800`s era (Greek wars against the Turks period).

First station was
Ancient Corinth. Passing through Isthmus we headed towards the castle of Acrokorinth. Because of fog this was quite difficult to see it from distance so we had no other option than walking through the fog inside the castle.

Seconds station was the legendary
Mycenae and its acropolis.

Third station was the historical city of
Nafplio. One of the most beautiful Greek cities in my opinion.

Fourth station: With the help of a comrade that lives in the area we visited the ruins of a
old pyramid in argolid

fifth station: Late afternoon, was one of the oldest European cities named Argos. Unfortunately it was quite difficult to take photos there because of the dark, rainfall and also huge traffic.

To write more in depth details about each place will take many hours. So i puted a link on some words or name of the places. Click it if you want more info.

A Photo Report follows below:


Acrocorinth castle

Castle in Fog

Walking up to the castle

Entrance to the castle


The Treasure of Atreus - Tomb

Entrance to the Mycenaean Civilization

The Lions Gate

A View from Mycenaean Acropolis

Another View

Our Group walking down from the acropolis of Mycenae

Mycenae Museum


Nafplion Castle

Burtzi Castle - Executioners Residence

Bavarian Monument for the German volunteers in the Greek wars against the Turks

Bavarian Dedication


Ruins of the Pyramid

From Inside The Pyramid

Another view from the Pyramid

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