Thursday, April 29, 2010

GOLDEN DAWN : Official Statement about the Crisis and NPD protest in Düsseldorf


The Hellenic Nationalists of the Golden Dawn utterly condemn the unfortunate, ideologically empty and secular manifestation of the German party NPD, which in the past we had invited in our own manifestations concerning our opposition in the entrance of Turkey in Europe. The purpose of their manifestation is not to denounce the public corruption that exists in Greece, as well as in Germany, but to appeal to the most vulgar economical feelings of the Germans, acting against the Greeks in general. The announcement of this report was absolutely precise: “The German party NPD has announced today a gathering of protest outside the Greek embassy in Düsseldorf. With the signal “The German money to German affairs – No economical help to Greece”, the German party, among other things, mentions in an announcement of secular manner that the Greeks, thanks to the forged data that they presented, they managed to live for years beyond their actual abilities as a burden for the rest of the Europeans. Thus, against this injustice, the social patriotic party NPD calls its followers in a manifestation” outside the Greek embassy”, says the announcement.

The ranking members of the NPD, who took this lamentable decision, should have known that all the money that poured in Greece for years were basically turned into consumerist products (mainly German) and returned to Germany. They should have known that the money which were lost due to the public corruption are related with scandals regarding German companies like Siemens in a case well-known not only in Greece, but also in Germany through the newspapers. But it seems that all these have little significance to them, since for a handful of votes and to become likeable to a few self-seeker bourgeoise, they fail to perceive the depth of things!

They fail to understand that those who created this vast fraud are not the Greeks, but those who grasp the world economy. In addition, before the protest outside the Greek embassy, they should have gone first to the embassy of Israel, which during the last decades Germany has paid mythical amounts of money…

They also fail to understand that Hellas has been chosen to be the first link to be broken in order for the world usurers to give an end to the European Union and the euro. After Greece follows Portugal, then Spain, Italy and possibly France too! Then the later, Germany and possibly Netherlands, Belgium and some smaller countries will remain the faithful servant of Soros, of the IMF and its fellowship. Unfortunately the NPD chose during this crisis, frivolously and without any geopolitical strategic thought, to stand on the side of the world usurers of New York. That is most unfortunate!

The Golden Dawn, having as its principle the motto "Hellas Above Everything", as well as the freedom of the real Europe, we condemn this manifestation, proving that the real Greek Nationalists place, above any political relationship, the Fatherland, unlikely with the liberals and the marxists.

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  1. Anonymous20 June, 2012

    οι γερμανοι εχουν 100% δικιο σε ολα οσα λενε

    αν τους ακουγαμε εστω λιγακι θα ειμασταν πολυ καλητερο κρατος και δεν θα μας κοροιδευεν και ενεπαιζαν καμια 10,000 εκλεκτων "ελληναραδων"

    μακαρι να ερχονταν οι γερμανοι να επερναν το κουμαντο της καταραμενης χωρας μας