Monday, September 14, 2009

Wandering amongst Woods, Lakes and Mythological Places

Yesterday was a good day (Good temperature & Perfect Rainy weather) for traveling around to the countryside of Hellas. Whats better than to visit some mountains & lakes connected with the Hellenic mytholy and past.

See the two posts below for pictures.
Photo numbers as you look from the top to below.
Pic1: View of the mountain around the Stymphalian Lake
Pic2 : The legendary Stymphalia Lake. Its the place that accordring to Mythology Hercules slayed the Stymphalian birds.
Pic3: Another view of the Stymphalian lake and its mountains around
Pic4: Doxa lake in Pheneos in the mountains of Corinthia/Arcadia. In Ancient times Pheneos was a part of Arcadian region.
Pic5: Forests and Mountains around Doxa lake
Pic6 : Picture of myself taking a walk in the forests around Doxa lake.

P.S. As i`m traveling quite often to places linked with the Ancestral past, from now on i`ll share oftenly more photos on this blog

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