Saturday, September 19, 2009

Latest News from Totenkopf Propaganda Productions

The next two releases coming soon from Totenkopf Propaganda:

WODULF (Hellas) "...from the Corpsegates" CD
FJORD (Canada) "Vor Tru" CD

Both bands finished recently their recordings. Currently we are finalizing the layouts and both CDs will be send to press within the next 2 weeks.
Below you can find the full track list from each release. The covers and music samples will be available on the release date.

WODULF "...from The Corpsegates"

I. Doomed By The Scythe of Disease
II. Lycanthropus - Ex Tumulus Preliator Exsisto
III. Nekyia (Hiddeous Rite of The Spilled Blood)
IV. Resound the Hooves of the Army of the Deceased
V. A Black Skullbanner Appeared from the Corpsegates
VI. 13 Urns
VII. Spectral Shades Around the Sepulchre
VIII. Blood on the Altar of Dis

FJORD "Vor Tru"

I. Shores of Vinland
II. Over Mountains into the Storm
III. The Calling
IV. At the Oaken Table of Wotan
V. Hammercreed
VI. A l'ombre des Fjords
VII. Je Lève ma Corne
VIII.Vinland the Proud
IX. Fire and Blood
X. Boudicca
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