Wednesday, December 12, 2018

MEDICI Series Part II Coming Soon!

Just found out that a new second season coming soon. Ok, lets be honest, the first 12 episodes (as "Medici: Masters of Florence" , see here ) was real crap. My expectations was really high and all we got was another boring, dull and soap-opera style series. After that, I thought that this was over for good. But yesterday, looking between various trailers or movie spoilers saw this one following below. Normally, after such crush I would not give it a change or waste any time further, but the addition of Sean Bean (a fine actor!) and also that this season is about my favorite Renaissance personality, Lorenzo "il Magnifico", changed my mind radically about it. So soon I`ll check it.

In the meantime , if you want to know more about the real deal, then you check this masterpiece :
 MEDICI : The Magnificent - Trailer


  1. It's sometimes very difficult to find time to watch series. Do you watch other ones for example ''Vikings'' or ''The Young Pope''?

  2. Vikings yes. As for the "Young Pope" not yet....

  3. Do you recommend ''Vikings''? I heard different opinions. I never have enough time to watch series...