Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Doom Cometh - DREADFUL RELIC

*** The LP version of HYBORIAN SORCERY is now totally sold-out from Nuclear War Now! Productions.

CD version is almost sold-out. Few remaining copies are still for sale at Frost & Fire and NWN!Productions. A 2nd edition is now at the pressing factory and it will be available at the end of October.

TAPE version still available.

*** HYBORIAN SORCERY longsleeves & T-shirts are now for sale at FROST & FIRE web-shop :

*** COMBAT ALCHEMIST 7"Single is now totally sold out from Nuclear War Now! Productions. Last copies still available  on FROST & FIRE web-shop. No repress is planned.

*** ARCHAIC CONJURATIONS longsleeves & t-shirts are also still available from Deathgasm Records :

*** We will start working soon on a completely new edition (different layout etc) of WARLORDS OF COSMIC SOVEREIGN 12"EP. To be released in the coming months by Nuclear War Now Productions.

*** A new album is in the works. Even if the music is on its very early stages yet, lyrics are almost ready. The album will be complete during 2019.



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