Thursday, September 27, 2018

The SLAINE Lexicon


SLAINE: A barbarian fantasy series influenced by Celtic Myths. Firstly appeared in 1983. Written by Pat Mills who was influenced by Robert E. Howard's CONAN Stories.

ROOT OF HIS NAME: Slaine name was taken from SLAINE MAC DELA. The first high king of Ireland

MAC ROTH: Thats the surname of Slaine. It comes from the king and queen of Connacht. An Irish province

BRAINBITER: An axe. Slain's favorite weapon.
He has the power of the "warp spasm", based on the riastrad or body-distorting battle frenzy of the Irish hero Cu Chulainn, in which earth power "warps" through his body, turning him into a terrifying, monstrously powerful figure.

GAE BOLGA: Slain's barbed spear. It is taken from the Irish mythological hero

DEVOTEE OF DANU: Slaine is a disciple of DANU. A goddess that from the pre-historic European myths that survived in Irish mythology. Her tribes are called TUATHA DE DANANN (Meaning : the folk of the goddess Danu)

UKKO: A dwarf companion of Slaine. His name is taken from the Finnish God of the sky, theunder and harvest.

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