Saturday, June 28, 2014

Characteristics of Romanticism

The Romantic movement was one of the best periods in the course of modern European history (Modern, as Julius Evola rightfully placed it, is the period that followed the so-called "french" revolution and the since then domination of Europe by the free-mason agenta of "ideals" such as anti-racism, equality , universal brotherhood e.t.c.). Except the basics , the admirers (Dont really like the word "followers") of this period, oftenly found quite complicated to explain in-depth the ideals of Romanticism. But i think this description following below is one of the best i ever seen. In few words says almost everything.

   Characteristics often attributed to Romanticism:

***a new preoccupation with and surrender to Nature

***a fascination with the past, particularly the Middle Ages and legends of medieval chivalry

***a turn towards the mystic and supernatural, both religious and merely spooky

***a longing for the infinite
mysterious connotations of remoteness, the unusual and fabulous, the strange and surprising

***a focus on the nocturnal, the ghostly, the frightful, and terrifying

***fantastic seeing and spiritual experiences

***a new attention given to national identity

***emphasis on extreme subjectivism

***interest in the autobiographical

***discontent with musical formulas and conventions

Edward F. Kravitt "Romanticism Today" 1992

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