Monday, November 11, 2013

Martyrs for a Golden Dawn

As most of you know already know, at 1st of November 2013 there was an double assassination outside Golden Dawn offices in Northern part of Athens.
In puropose, i let some days to pass to write few words about it. Media already forgot it after 2-3 days. Now they act like nothing ever happened.
We had not different expectations anyway. 

To all of you , readers outside Hellas , let me assure you. Manos and Giorgos was two young (In their early 20`s) idealists. Involved in Golden Dawn the last 1-1,5 year , they saw Golden Dawn
as good opportunity to fight for the Race & Nation and against all the enemies. They fell for their ideals and their blood marked the soil. Golden Dawn will never forget its martyrs and the best way to honour their
memory is the triumph of the ideals that they gave their life for.

I saw around many people that asked: "Who was behind the murders , the state or leftist terrorists?" The answer is simple. Both! This how politics work in Hellas the last 30-40 years.
When the system saw that nothing happened after all the witchunt of the last month, they sent their armed forces to murder young nationalists in order to scare the rest of GD members, followers and supporters.
They will fail again!

I wrote in my previous articles, and several times in the past that Golden Dawn can`t be stoped. Now within 30 days we had: Imprisonment of a part of the Golden Dawn leadership, several arrests and some trials based on false accusations (Illegal weapon possession e.t.c.),
, a very big number of police invasions in houses of Nationalists all around Hellas, 2 murders and 1 heavily injured e.t.c. And after all this, what happened??? Absolutely nothing!!! Marches organized, all GD offices work normally and people
are still coming to all the Nationalist activities.

In one of his recent articles, the leader of Golden Dawn finish his writting with
  the following words: "For us the members of Golden Dawn, be it known that after the blood of the 1st of November, nothing ever will be the same". This says it all. The fight goes on!


  1. Wæs Thu Hæl, from your friends and supporters in England. All of Europe watches and admires you. Your Gods and ancestors smile upon you, no doubt.

  2. "He Whom The Gods Love Dies Young"