Thursday, February 7, 2013

Through Olympia to The Temple of Apollo Epicurius!

Down to the south , up in the mountains , to the temple that looks in the north. This is in few words, one more trip , that as usual we we are taking around this time of the year together with other European comrades that visiting Hellas for the annual Golden Dawn`s IMIA march.

First visit was OLYMPIA. It seems like yesterday , yet it was 2009 since my last visit at this place.
Impossible to get tired by this excellent location. Here are some pics from the previous visit:

Through Mainalon to Olympia! Part II

Late in the afternoon , we took the road up to the mountains to visit the Temple of Appolo. One of the most famous and important temples of the Ancient Hellenic world.

In 2009, we had not the time for this pilgrimage as it was getting dark, and the temple doors closed for the public. This time, we managed to arrive just in time (10 min) before closing.

Here are some photos from the Temple and the area around:  

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