Tuesday, May 8, 2012

National Elections In Hellas - Golden Dawn Interview in Irish Times

Ok, the National elections are over. Golden Dawn got almost 7% , something which means 21 seats in the parliament. Everyone within and outside Hellas got the message already. The first of them was journalists yesterday in press conferance. Somehow , they had the impression that after the elections Golden Dawn will change and become a party of "good guys". Terrible mistake! Soon more people will realize what Golden Dawn really is. The streets are free...

A couple of weeks ago, a journalist from IRISH TIMES visited the Golden Dawn HQ and took an interview from the one of the members. You can read it HERE  
I always enjoying reading articles of how outsiders look on GD during their visit "inside". The interview and his article about the HQ are very intresting.

P.S. Thanks to comrades from all over Europe who sent me since yesterday their supporting messages. It was a victory in a battle. The war still lies ahead!

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