Saturday, June 4, 2011

Freedom of Speech In A Modern Polish Way

The site of Polish underground label Heerwegen Tod Prod was banned by Polish Authorities. This is a price you have to pay when you are not politically-correct. Below is the statement i got today from the label.

"Heerwegen Tod Production webside was banned by ABW (Internal Security Agency)!!!

ABW action against nationalists and patriots on Lower Silesia, was arranged by judeochristians Solidarity and communists government activists!
Heerwegen Tod Production was NOT political label, but only promotional DARK AMBIENT/ INDUSTRIAL/ NOISE and BLACK METAL music genre underground label,but ABW was found NAZI ideology in our label!!!
In Poland after loss of independence on 1 December 2009, when TRAITOR Lech Kaczynski was signed Lisboan Treaty, the action of agents from ABW against politically incorectly citizens are regular!
Politicians and government in Poland boycott the Belarusian autorities, called “Lukaszenko is DICTATOR!” and call about non-words of freedom in Belarus, and about prisoned Lukaszenkas political opponents, but Polish goverment do exactly the same as Lukaszenko in Belarus!
Nationalists are repression, often in a very brutal way, are illegal prisoned and cept in custody, only for that because they love his country and wish to keep clear his culture and heritage.
Z.O.G. in EU going to exterminate the European cultural heritage, and destroy EU countries (crisis in Spain, Greece, Portugal)! They wish to create one multiculture UE country with capital in Brussels, where dumb officials forcing the citizens of our continent to accept new race mixed society and imposing belief whom we can not accepting!Thats why our oppose against christian-democracy and left-liberal politicians are persecuted by ABW!

No Words of freedom in Poland, surveillance is becoming increasingly stronger, they are kicked off us from our job, they are kicked off us to underclass, and they called us criminals.

You can banned our website, you can put us to jail, but YOU CAN NOT CLOSE OUR MOUTH!!!"

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