Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tom Metzger`s W.A.R.!

WHITE ARYAN RESISTANCE is a legendary website runed by the veteran of the kind Tom Metzger.

Official web address :

There you can find all the latest news around the world from many contributors , online books , radio shows, videos, jokes, artwork , poems and tons of other stuff of Racialist nature. This website updated almost daily and its "a must" for all the Racialists around!


  1. Hailsa Tom
    The bone collector gave me your addy to check out. Nice one mate, great blog. I just put up the latest G.D. march link on the twitter for the flock in England to view. 88!

  2. Hails Brother!

    Glad to see that you are still active in one way or another. Yeah, noticed your page. The typical great old-fashioned, english-view of things ;)I`ll write to your e-mail soon. It seems free time is a fucking luxury these days.

  3. "...legendary website runed by the veteran of the kind..." Hmm. Am I missing something?