Thursday, February 10, 2011

One is Worth Ten Thousand To Me...

(One is worth ten thousand to me, if he is the best)

Athens, 5/2/2011

A member of the GOLDEN DAWN attacked by a gang of 30 anarchists(Armed with pepper sprays e.t.c.). The comrade entered to a shop nearby. Curious to see what happened? See the video that follows:

As you see, absolutely nothing! On the contrary, even some of them beaten by the comrade. This is the result when these cowards have to face a MAN with BALLS. Our right hand salute to the comrade who stood his ground, faced those worms and gave them a good lesson!
This video must be an example for all the cowards and asslickers of antifa in the scene. You see now what kind of people you fear and apologize to?

PS. The date in the camera is wrong.

PS2. It seems some people (Guess who) did not liked the video. If you have problems watching it at youtube, you can watch it also HERE

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