Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Society of Heraldic Arts

"Heraldry today remains an outward and visible symbol of family and corporate identity and of pre-eminence and authority, just as it did at Agincourt and the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Heraldry possesses universal appeal in the unrestrained vigour of its art, the mystery of its symbolism and the nobility of its tradition.

It is exceedingly beautiful. The interpretation of heraldic symbolism in a variety of materials is an ancient and honourable craft requiring great skill and inventiveness; qualities acquired only through rigorous training, long experience and an appreciation of the 'heraldic imagination'."

"The Society is a non-profit making international guild of heraldic artists, craftsmen and designers. This website is designed to promote the work of the craft membership and raise public awareness to the beauty of their creativity."

Below is few samples of this excellent art:

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