Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Al Jazeera about "Golden Dawn" - Muslims hand in hand with Marxists

Below is a video (In english) from the famous channel "Al Jazeera" about immigrants in Hellas and also Golden Dawn. As you see this channel which portrayed as "Anti-Zionist" by some, easily re-produce the leftist propaganda by only questioning a leftist woman (She is not living in those areas as the channel says, thats a lie) and an afghani immigrant. No questions to the Greek people living to this areas and also ofcourse no questions to any member of the Golden Dawn. Its amazing lately to see how muslims(99% of them are drug dealers , thieves, pedophiles and local people know it , thats why Golden Dawn took 20% in those areas) goes hand in hand with marxists ("Religion is the opium of the people" , gay march organizers, feminists e.t.c.). "Golden Dawn is a growing political force" says the journalist. Ofcourse! You`ve see nothing yet...

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