Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hellas in the 1930`s: The 4th of August Regime

«Heroes never die; instead they fall, and the soil, by drinking their blood borns them again…”»
Ioannis Metaxas

Today, 4th August 2010. One more hot summer day in Hellas. 4th of August. This date say almost nothing to modern young Greeks. This because in this cosmopolitan protectorat, the Anti-Hellenic goverment wants most people to forget Hellas in the 30`s and especially the 4th August regime and its leader Ioannis Metaxas. Despite the fact that i disagree in several things of the Politics of Ioannis Metaxas and some terrible mistakes he did, Hellas had for sure a different far better picture back then. I post this video here mainly for the Non-Hellenic comrades & visitors of this blog who know very litle or even never heard of about those days in Hellas.

Some info in English can be found also here:

Metaxas Project - Inside Fascist Greece (1936-1941)

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