Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jürgen Rieger 11 May 1946 - 29 October 2009

"Jürgen Rieger, one of the most prolific German Nationalists after 1945, has died on 29th of October, 2009.
Aside from his ceaseless struggle for the liberation of Germany from the alien yoke, Jürgen Rieger was an avowed Heathen who supported the revitalization of Nordic Paganism.
Furthermore, he championed the fraternity of Aryan peoples regardless of their respective Nationality. A great man and fighter has gone from our midst, but he will not be forgotten!"


"Deyr fé,
deyja frændr,
deyr sjálfr et sama;
ek veit einn,
at aldri deyr:
dómr of dauðan hvern" (Hávamál)

What about Artgemeinschaft and God? By Jürgen Rieger
Honouring our Ancestors By Jürgen Rieger

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