Saturday, July 6, 2019

Words Like a Sword - The Case of Rob Miller

Sometimes life is full or irony, isnt it?

Have you heard of AMEBIX? The famous British anarcho-Punk band. Created by Rob "The Baron" Miller in the late 70s and still to these days they are considered as godfathers in the leftist/anarchist movement.

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Few years ago , the ex-AMEBIX leader, Rob Miller formed TAU CROSS. A project together with a VOIVOD member. Until recently everything went fine for them. Signed on Relapse, did tours etc

Few days ago happened this:

After that, immediately the news spread in the music press all over the world like wildfire. The music industry and press with all their minions and puppets are still in shock because you see, Rob Miller is a "big name" and you can`t shut him down so easily. And even worser for them, Rob Miller refused to step back. And now, according to them, Rob Miller has crossed the opposite side of his former political ideas.

Below follows his official statement that released few hours ago.

As for the rest of the band members? They issued a statement too. See it here:

Shame on you! Cowards, weaklings that you run and sold your fellow band member. You gave up any sense of dignity so to keep your bank accounts intact.

On the other side, Hail to The Baron who refused to bend the knee to these corrupted lords of lies. As long as such people exist, their reign will not last forever!

You can find the statement of Rob Miller HERE


Rob Miller as Swordsmith :

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