Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Birthday of TinTin and The Dangers of Communism

10th of January is the official birthday of the famous TinTin. From whom his creator Herge inspired to do this classic comic hero is already mentioned before in this blog (for those who missed this post, check the link after this article).  Also it is quite known  that the first two volumes are quite forbidden today in Europe. In some places openly and in some other secretly (by simply not re-print it anymore or just "vanished" it from the shelves of the second hand stores).

For reasons that are still uknown to me, recently in Hellas a big comic publishing house re-printed in its original form the debut adventure of TinTin which is TinTin in the Land of the Soviets. Taking into consideration the current political state of affairs, thats a bold movement for sure.
However, by doing the basic search, easily someone can discover that its just a simple story in a foreign country, but the testimony of an eye-witness transfered into comic.

Herge himself admitted that his inspiration for the story was the book of Joseph Douillet Moscow Unmasked: A Record of Nine Years Work in Soviet Russia For more info see HERE

 Now what we have to do is to find a proper English version of this book.

 PS. There is a similar book also in Hellas. Aristeides Andronikos, the Greek embassador in St.Petersburg during the bolshevik revolution era, wrote also a book that published during the 1920's titled "What is Bolshevism?" which served as a warning about the communist atrocities and the plans for an upcoming jewish domination in whole of Europe.



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