Friday, December 9, 2016

1933 - 1945 The NOW & THEN Series

"Ruiter Productons is a creative video production company based in The Netherlands that creates digital video content.

In 2007 Ruiter Productions has been founded by Jeroen Ruiter. In 1999 Jeroen started to create video productions as a hobby. In early years he simply edited the raw footage without music and only a few titles. Later on music and enhanced titles where added.

The most impressive achievements are the Now & Then series in which Ruiter Productions goes back to specific places playing an important role before, during and shortly after World War 2. Photo images of that period are used to let the viewer experience the time difference. The current series involve Nürnberg, Obersalzberg, München and Graz. Future release are planned."

Official Website:


München - The Political Capital of Adolf Hitler

Nürnberg -The Reichsparteitage of Adolf Hitler

Graz -Stadt der Volkserhebung

Obersalzberg -The Mountain Retreat of Adolf Hitler

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  1. Did you also watch his other videos that promote the holocaust lies?

  2. No, have not checked any other of his videos. Though these ones here are top notch.