Saturday, July 16, 2016

Le Camp des Saints 1973 & Nice 2016

What a novel written in 1973 had to do with the recent happenings in Nice? 
Lets find it out...

Here is the story behind the novel Le Camp Des Saints:

"The Camp of the Saints (Le Camp des Saints) is a 1973 French apocalyptic novel by Jean Raspail. The novel depicts a setting wherein Third World mass immigration to France and the West leads to the destruction of Western civilization....."

Full story here: 

Take notice of this detail in the plot:

 An Indian "wise man" then rallies the masses to make an exodus to live in Europe. Most of the story centers on the French Riviera, where almost no one remains except for the military and a few civilians, including a retired professor who has been watching the huge fleet of run-down freighters approaching the French coast

Nice and Promenade des Anglais are not a part of the French Riviera?
A really remarkable coincidence!

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