Monday, December 1, 2014

The Law of The Overman

"Europe is lost and an austere discipline of the leaders must be imposed.
The dominant moral of today is a work of slaves. A conspiracy organized by the weak and the herd
against the strong and the sepherd. The slaves inverted the values through their opportunist 
cunningness: Wicked are the strong, good are the ill and the weak. They can`t endure pain, they are philanthropists, christians and socialists.
Only the Overman, cruel above all with himself, he can carve new commandments and bestow uppon the masses new superior causes.

Which are these causes, which is the organization of the chosen and the rabble, which is the role of war in this new tragic period of europe,
these are the problems that tantalize your recent bright years. You can`t answer, your mind goes insane..." 

Nikos Kazatzakis - Report To Greco

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