Sunday, August 17, 2014

Democracy In Few Words

Democracy , was always a "constitution" ,  a form of governance expressing and encouraging the worst in man, which is: The "soul" of the herd , the "will" of masses and the proletarian
"spirit" against any Aristocratic (With the Platonic meaning of the word) and Noble leading of a Nation-Race. Wherever this vile abomination imposed , the plebeian (In spirit and way of life) rabble, guided by
a minority of sycophants, usually plutocratic, and their lapdogs stood against everything and anyone naturally selected to take a Nation-Race to the most highest points of its earthly (And even beyond) existence. Up untill our days these pigs, always outnumbered , prevail. But as we know, in nature nothing is forever...

House of Cards is a series that i have yet to check. The following scene sums up perfectly what democracy is. There is also another good video from this series HERE , but i choose this one as i think this is the most direct way to describe the modern politics that dominate our Europe today. 

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