Saturday, February 8, 2014

Warriors of The Ancient World

Christos Giannopoulos is an artist that for many years did a lot of work for several Hellenic magazines dealing with military history. His art covers every aspect of war (Battle scenes, soldiers, armoury e.t.c.) and many periods of military history from Ancient times up untill WWII. Obivously he is a very talented artist with profound knowledge on the history and traditions of warfare.
Below i choose few of his works. You can see more HERE
Unfortunately i have not found any official website of Christos Giannopoulos. But if you want to see more of his art just click his name on google.

Spartan Officer

Celtic Warrior

Roman Tesserarius

Cretan Archer

Theban Secret Band Soldier

Spartan Warrior

Athenian Hoplite

Roman Praetorian in full armour

Hellenic Cavalryman

Hellenic Shields

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