Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Self Sacrifice of Dominique Venner

Normally i watch the news daily in the TV or visit some major news sites here in Hellas. Not to get the news, but with all this anti-Golden Dawn hysteria the last months, those sites 
are real fun and entertainment to me. Having some joy in those dark times , is getting rare and rare as the time passing by, and i dont want to miss such opportunities that the judeo-liberal yellow press has to offer.
During the day , i heard that someone commited suicide as a protest to gay marriages in France but i had not the time to check it further.
Few minutes ago i opened the pc , and i came across the news that the person who commited suicide was named Dominique Venner and that he was a Nationalist.

I want to be honest, i dont remember having heard the name of Dominique Venner before. Now i`m reading that he co-operated with some known French writters (Alain de Benoist e.t.c.) and also i knew the title (Le Soleil des vaincus Blanc) of one of his books. The most important is that  Dominique Venner lived and died like a true European. At the evening of his life he decided to offer it in a way that perhaps will work as an alarm clock for the sleeping Europeans of today. Lets hope that one day the guns will be thousands, and they will be turned not towards our heads, but towards the eternal enemies of our race and their watchdogs.

Long Live Dominique Venner!

His personal blog
(Its only in French but google translator works fine)

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