Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Amnesty International" - One More Example of The Hypocrisy of The Modern West

There is a lot of fuss lately about the decision of France to put a law against anyone who will deny the Armenian genocide. About this law AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL made an official statement which you can see here:

What a bunch of Hypocrites!

There is the same law in France about the "Holocaust Denial" (You know which "Holocaust" i mean. In Europe only one "Holocaust" must be taken as a fact, if not they will force you to do so. The rest are debatable...). Have ever AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL issued a statement about this law? Its not this law threatens the freedom of expression? One more fact that shows the level of hypocrisy of the modern west and their organizations(See Trojan Horses amongst the European nations) of "Human Rights" e.t.c. and other selective humanists. After all, we are speaking about the Holy Cow of the Western Democracies.

P.S. Speaking about France. Why , after all these years the sensitive-about-turks Amnesty International is still silent about the case of a French citizen named Roger Garaudy?

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