Sunday, November 23, 2008

Absurd "Demos 1992 - 1994"

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The four demo recordings of Absurd, dating back as far as 1992, will be released on a double compact disc (via Darker Than Black and Elegy (USA)) as well as on a set of four 12" vinyls (via New Defenestration) in 2009.

Additionally to the Absurd demos, the one and only demo of Sacrifice Slaughtered Jesus (released in 1994) will be featured on this release too.

The recordings have been remastered in order to enhance the overall sound quality, and thus preserve the audial integrity of this early manifesto of true German Black Metal!

You may listen to excerpts (featuring samples of the original as well as the remastered songs to show to you the difference) right here:
"God's Death" (1992)
"Death from the Forest" (1993)
"God's Death" / Sadness (1993)
God's Death / "Sadness" (1993)
"Out of the Dungeon" (1994)
"The Return of Nidhoegg" (1994)

More information coming soon!

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