Saturday, November 21, 2009

Out Now: WODULF Cd , FJORD Cd e.t.c.


WODULF (Hellas) "...from The Corpsegates" CD
Wodulf returns with a full-length album of Ancient Gruesome Black Metal from Hellas, inspired by the darkest passages of Homeric poetry, HellenoRoman Necromancy, Oskoreian Terror & Germanic Werwolf Cults! 8 Stygian Psalms to the Realm of Hades, a dreadful descent to the forgotten catacombs of the old European lore...

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FJORD (Can) "Vor Tru" CD
At last, the storm from Northern Vinland is unleashed upon Midhgardhr!
Fjörd’s debut full length album VOR TRU is ready to wage war through the nine worlds with its unique genre of Wotanic folk-metal inspired by legendary bands such as Isengard, Bathory, Storm and Hades. Ten thundering hymns of war and heathen pride, courage and valour, sacrifice and death are sung with clean, deep vocals exclusively and supported by a massive wall of sound and battle drums. This comes with a 16 page full-coloured booklet with lyrics and impressive graphic work.

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DER STÜRMER "Bloodsworn" (The First Decade) Compilation CD
The 2nd press is available now!!! The 10th year Anniversary Compilation including all the vinyl (EP 2002 & Split EPs), rare compilation & bonus LP tracks. Comes with thick 24-page booklet including all covers and full lyrics. Total 14 tracks, over 49 min. of Hellenic Heathen/NS Black Metal!

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Storming Finnish Pagan Metal in the vein of Epic Bathory & Morrigan.

Price : 10 Euro (Paypal fees are not included)

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